In art, an affirmation is a positive statement, an endorsement of a certain position in the range of artistic functions. It´s the union of the subject and the work in the art market. In art, the market refers to either

  • the commercial use of physical content or meaning of a marketable declared artwork
  • the pattern of symbols, marks, interactions and people that make up a marketable declared artwork

Artworks in either case are intended to be truth-bearers, that is, they are either true or false concerning selling or augmenting market value.

In artistic career conception “niche marketing” became accepted usage is well established in artists educational systems. Niche marketing is the process of finding and serving profitable market segments and designing custom-made products or services for them. For big companies those market segments are often too small in order to serve them profitably as these market segments often lack economies of scale. Niche marketers are often reliant on the loyalty business model to maintain a profitable volume of sales. Being loyal or illoyal to economic structures may span legitimate artistic practice, by exposing or imposing, implying or explaining, using or abusing these structures of market logic. Therefore criticizing may as well converge with the affirmative use of these economic frameworks or may not.

The Museum as a neutral institution is bound not to take sides and is neither denouncing nor praising economy, capitalism, fine art, the artists, their works or quotes, collectors, journalists or any institution of the art market or any market.

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MFAMA - Museum of Franchise in Affirmative Media Art partners and cooperates with the town Mfama in the province Centro Sur, Equatorial Guinea, Africa.

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